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Forensic Meteorology &
Expert Witness Testimony


Weather plays a critical role in many civil and criminal cases. Forensic meteorology is the practice of reconstructing the weather conditions at a particular time and location and to explain how the weather contributed to an incident or mishap. PAGCORE Solutions LLC works with our clients to identify the weather conditions present at the time and location of an incident and determine how those conditions contributed to the loss or injury stemming from such incident. We use all available meteorological data and apply industry-accepted standards, practices, and techniques to determine the weather conditions within meteorological certainty.

We present our findings in clear, easy to understand formats ranging from summary briefings to formal reports, based on your specific needs and the requirements specified by the court in which the case is being litigated.

We're experienced in preparing forensic meteorology reports for a wide range of incidents, including:

  • Motor vehicle crashes

  • Aviation mishaps

  • Hail damage claims

  • Flood damage claims

  • Personal injury claims

It's important to understand that oftentimes insurance adjusters will deny claims based on weather reports they obtain as part of their investigation into a loss. More times than not however, these adjusters are not meteorologists or even weather experts. There have been numerous instances where adjusters have incorrectly denied claims based on erroneous weather data or their inability to properly interpret the data. For example, a client's claim for wind damage was denied because the adjuster relied on surface weather observations from the nearest airport 30 miles away. The winds that caused damage at the client's location did not occur at the airport and thus were not reported in the surface observations. A forensic weather investigation using satellite and radar imagery and other meteorological data determined that a microburst with 80 mph winds had occurred at the client's location. Presented with this report, the insurance company settled the claim and issued payment to the client.

If your case moves forward to trial, we are here to serve as your expert witness for the weather events related to your case, to include deposition and testimony. We'll be with you every step of the way until your case is resolved.

Call us today at (505) 302-5460 or e-mail us at for a free consultation.

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