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Tailored Weather Forecasts

"Climate is what we expect.  Weather is what we get."

- Mark Twain


PAGCORE Solutions offers detailed weather forecasts, tailored specifically to meet your needs.

What is a Tailored Weather Forecast?

A tailored weather forecast is one that is prepared to address the specific concerns of the client. Fore example, special event organizers will have action plans in place when severe weather threatens. They will retain a meteorologist to provide tailored weather forecasts that focus on key parameters and thresholds that trigger certain actions to ensure a safe an enjoyable event.

Another example would be aviation forecasts, where a pilot would request a tailored flight weather briefing that includes expected weather conditions at take-off, in-flight, and at landing so they can make informed decisions concerning their flight.

How are Tailored Weather Forecasts different from National Weather Service forecasts or the forecasts I see on TV, in the newspaper, or online?

Our friends and colleagues at the National Weather Service and in the media do a great job in presenting us with timely, accurate weather forecasts. However, the weather forecasts they issue often cover a large geographic area and are intended for the general populace. With such a broad audience, it's impossible for these forecasts to hone in on the specific weather conditions that could impact your activities. Moreover, the forecasters at the NWS and in media are generally not readily available to assist you with making weather-based decisions for your planned activities.


In other words, tomorrow's weather forecast could tell you in a general sense what the expected weather conditions will be across New Mexico. But if, for example, you need to make a decision to proceed with or reschedule an outdoor event scheduled for tomorrow at 3 PM in Grants, this is where a tailored weather forecast would be most effective.

At PAGCORE Solutions we help our clients develop customized weather forecast products to meet their specific needs:

  • Understanding the client's weather criteria for critical "Go/No-Go" decisions

  • Preparing weather forecasts in clear, concise formats tailored to the specific time and location of the client's activities

  • Using a simple Red/Yellow/Green format that compares forecast weather parameters (e.g., temperature, wind, precipitation, etc.) and overall weather assessment against the client's stated "Go/No-Go" criteria

  • Presenting the client with our recommended course of action based on expected weather conditions

  • Delivery schedule that meets your timeline


Of course, even with the best weather forecasts, there is still a degree of uncertainty and Mother Nature can always decide to do something she's not expected to do. With our METWATCH service, we stay with you through the duration of your activity and provide you with weather updates as frequently as you need. We continually monitor satellite, radar, surface and upper-air observations, lightning detection networks, and computer models for any unexpected changes in the weather. If we see the weather starting to do something unexpected, we'll promptly notify you and provide with with updated weather forecast products and assist you in your decision-making process.

Call us today at (505) 302-5460 or e-mail us at to get started with your customized weather forecast support.

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