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Weather Station Installation and Care


Most folks don't like climbing up on the roof or hanging from a tall tower to install or take care of their weather station. Let us do the climbing for you!

The number of makes and models of digital weather stations on the market can be overwhelming. Let us help you make the choice of weather station that best meets your needs. PAGCORE Solutions LLC has over 20 years of experience in installing and maintaining digital weather stations across all makes and models. We'll help you:

  • Select the weather station that best meets your needs

  • Site, install, and configure your station for $99.00**

  • Perform semi-annual maintenance of your weather station

What does our Weather Station Care Plan include?

For $79.00 per year*, our Weather Station Care Plan includes:

  • Physical inspection of the weather sensor suite, data logger, cabling, mounting hardware, and support structures for any signs of damage

  • Repair and/or replacement of damaged or malfunctioning parts***

  • Replacement of batteries

  • Cleaning of the weather sensor suite

  • Two visits annually for routine inspection and maintenance of your weather station

Call us today at (505) 302-5460 or e-mail us at to get started!

*Additional mileage charges may apply for locations more than 30 miles (one-way distance) from PAGCORE Solutions LLC's home office.

**For standard ground-mount or roof mount installation at a location with cellular/Internet service. Weather station, mounting hardware and support structure(s) sold separately. Additional labor charges may apply for installations at remote sites or for large support structures. Excludes site preparation (power, cellular and/or Internet infrastructure, etc.).

***Additional material and labor charges may apply

New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax (NMGRT) will be added to the prices listed.

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