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Weather Monitoring


We know there is a need for weather monitoring solutions for a specified location and a designated period of time. Certain activities require real-time weather information for insurance purposes and other reasons. New Mexico, in particular is a mostly rural state with weather observing sites spread few and far between. PAGCORE Solutions LLC has developed "Pods"equipped with weather sensors that can be readily deployed to any location. These "pods" can be configured to log and record weather data in situ, or upload weather information to the Internet* for remote viewing.

*Available only at locations with cellular and/or Internet service.

So who would need a deployable weather monitoring  "pod?"

A deployable weather monitoring solution is most suited when there is a temporary need for weather monitoring at a given location for a specified period of time. Typical activities that would require the deployment of temporary weather monitoring equipment include:

  • Special events (especially those that are sensitive to small-scale changes to weather)

  • Outdoor film production

  • Hot air ballooning

  • Construction

Oftentimes event planners and film producers will purchase "rain insurance"that covers losses associated with rescheduling and/or cancelling planned activities due to inclement weather. Timely, accurate weather information from deployable weather equipment at the activity site is valuable in supporting a claim to cover such losses.

We have both digital weather sensor suites and "old-fashioned" rain gauges.

Give us a call at (505) 302-5460 or e-mail us at to see how we can help you.

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